Saturday 5 March 2011

Why Google Is Putting Posts In A Blackhole?

Google has recently changed its search algorithms to fight against content farming and spam blogs (splogs). The results have already been seen and more relevant and proper results are now displayed for searched terms. However, there are certain areas here Google has failed to make any impact.

The first among them is the widespread copyright violations by Bloggers at its Blogspot domain. Almost all of these Bloggers copy contents of others without their approval and permission. Google is further awarding them with advertisement revenues out of such copyright violated contents through its Adsence project.

Surprisingly, even Google is aware of these copyright violations and despite a DMCA complaint these violating contents are still appearing and earning revenue from advertisers. Seems copyright violators, spammers and content farming sites are still winning the search game and Google is looking helplessly.

The second problem that Google is facing is that although performance of search engine results pages (SERPs) has increased significantly, their indexing has become very slow. We have been facing a problem of delayed indexing of our articles at SERPs and blog search. In fact, this issue has also been discussed at Google’s Help Forum.

The problem is specific to the Wordpress platform named Techno Legal Journalists. Our articles are regularly kept in a “blackhole” by Google for at least two/three days before they appear in SERP, especially blog search. From performance wise, these posts are appearing on the first page of SERPs but they are indexed very late.

Since our contents are “time sensitive”, it is of no use if they appear after few days. Since Google algorithms have improved but they are still far from being perfect.