Monday 31 March 2014

Relevant Notifications Under The New Company Law Of India

The company law of India has been rejuvenated and it has brought many far reaching and significant changes in the previous regime. The regulatory compliances under the new law have become totally different and companies have to tackle the same effectively and in a timely manner. These compliance requirements have raised many techno legal and cyber obligations before Indian corporates.

However, as the new regime has been notified recently there are very few companies in India that have been complying with these requirements. Many of the companies are not even aware of such notifications. Asia’s best techno legal ICT and corporate law firm Perry4Law has provided a list of corporate regulatory notifications that can be really handy for all corporate stakeholders. Corporate stakeholders would find these notifications by Indian government worth considering in this regard:

(2) MCA Notification Dated 26-03-2014 (PDF) Regarding 183 Sections of Indian Companies Act 2013

(19) Nidhi Rules, 2014 (PDF)

This list would be updated from time to time by Perry4Law. Please bookmark this page so that you can have updated information about Indian Companies Act, 2013 and Rules/Notifications made thereunder form time to time.