Thursday 30 August 2012

Chandigarh Considering Cyber Security Model Of UK

Chandigarh has been exploring the cyber security aspects for long. Not very late, Chandigarh proposed power reform programme to be implemented soon. It was proposed to use automated systems through IT intervention for sustained collection of accurate baseline data and automation of some electricity functions. However, the proposal failed to consider the aspects pertaining to cyber security of automated power grids of India.  

For some strange reasons Indian government has been ignoring the cyber security implementations in India. These include cyber security of power sector of India and cyber protection of SCADA systems in India. In these circumstances, the ambitious restructured accelerated power development and reform programme (R-APDRP) of UT electricity department of Chandigarh was too ambitious to be successfully implemented.

Recently, the websites of Chandigarh housing board and estate office were defaced despite UT having a full-fledged IT department. Reacting to these defacements, it has been decided to replicate the cyber security model of UK. It has also been declared that Chandigarh will have its own information security state policy to tackle cyber crimes and it will be drafted by October.

According to Praveen Dalal, leading techno legal expert of Asia and managing partner of ICT law firm Perry4Law, replication and super imposing of foreign cyber security models in India would be counter productive in the long run and they should be avoided.

It is good that Chandigarh has shown interest in cyber security but its efforts should not be misguided and based upon wrong principles, models and premises. Let us hope Chandigarh in general and Indian government in particular would consult Indian techno legal experts while drafting such cyber security model.

Tuesday 21 August 2012

Cyber War Against India: Is It Real?

The recent rumours spread through SMS and social media websites has woken up Indian government once more. However, just like in the past, Indian government is once again barking the wrong tree. Instead of improving the law and order situation in India, Indian government has decided to punish social media websites and intermediaries in India.

A large segment of Indian media community has labeled this unfortunate episode as an act of cyber warfare against India. However, this is not even near to cyber warfare as cyber warfare is a much more dangerous and nefarious activity as compared to spreading of rumours and false information through Internet.

According to Praveen Dalal, managing partner of Perry4Law and leading techno legal expert of Asia, Cyber War against India and its Defenses must be ensured by India on a priority basis. In fact, India must develop both offensive and defensive Cyber Warfare Capabilities to tackle future Cyber Warfare attempts, opines Dalal.

Another area of concern pertains to cyber security of India. There are numerous cyber security challenges in India and management of the same must not be ignored any more. India's cyber security challenges are too numerous and we have not even made a start in this direction.

If false and misleading information has caused the trouble and havoc that we are witnessing one can assume what a full fledged cyber warfare attack can do to Indian economy and property.

It is high time for Indian government to consider and analyse cyber warfare threats against India in truest and widest possible manner other wise it may find itself in a much more sinister and  troublesome situation.