Monday 18 February 2013

Nursery Admissions In Delhi: High Court To Delivery Judgment Today

Nursery admissions in Delhi are a good source of black money for schools in the form of donations and seats purchasing that are otherwise available to general public. The right to education act of India has failed to curb this evil practice of schools and schools in Delhi are openly flouting the norms and laws of India.

To a greater extent the nursery admissions process in Delhi can be compared to a legalised education mafia in Delhi. There are many schools that are following and not following the norms laid down by the directorate of education, Delhi.

We hope our Prime Minister and Chief Minister of Delhi are taking note of these negative developments and would come to the rescue of helpless parents. We have also started an online petition and protest campaign against the defaulting schools.

We have also contacted Prime Minister, Chief Minister of Delhi and Shashi Tharoor and are waiting for their official response.

Meanwhile the Delhi High Court may pronounce its judgement/order regarding the point’s criteria presently adopted by schools in India.

The present point criterion is a breeding ground for corrupt practices and schools are openly misusing the same to mint money.

It would be a good decision on the part of Delhi High Court to quash the present point system and suggest a better point system so that justice can be done to the children and right to education act.

Source: Cjnews India.