Thursday 10 March 2011

Computer Forensics Training In India

Computer forensics is in demand these days as more and more computers and networks are inter connected. This interconnectivity also provides an opportunity for cyber criminals to steal sensitive data and commit various cyber crimes.

A trained computer forensics professional can catch these cyber criminals through computer forensics investigation procedure. However, not everybody can learn computer forensics. Further, there are very few good and qualitative techno legal computer forensics training institutions in India.

Computer forensics is a highly specialised field that essentially requires techno legal expertise. Computer forensics is a growing field world over and India is also trying to use computer forensics for its legal and judicial purposes.

Indian legal and judicial fraternity must develop scientific temperament and technical knowledge in fields like cyber law, cyber forensics, e-discovery, digital evidencing, e-courts, etc.

However, computer forensics in India is still at nascent stage and it may take many more years before computer forensics can actually be used in India. Praveen Dalal, noted techno legal and cyber forensics specialist of India, has already written an exclusive book on techno legal aspects of cyber forensics in India. This book may go a long way in bringing actual implementation of cyber forensics in India.

At the same time we need good techno legal training and courses on computer forensics in India. India has a single techno legal cyber forensics research, training and educational institution. It is managed by Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB). The centre is providing techno legal cyber forensics education, trainings and course in India.

Registration for online education and trainings in the field of cyber forensics and other techno legal courses of PTLB can be done through its online platform. Application form for the enrollment to various courses, internships and trainings can be downloaded from here and more details about the courses of PTLB can be found here.

Computer forensics trainings are required to be undertaken by police officers, public prosecutors, lawyers, judges, etc in India. Initially, the basic level computer forensics training is enough that can subsequently be enhanced to more specialised training.

PTLB also exclusively offers online cyber law and computer forensics training to judges in India and abroad as well. This way the judiciary, especially subordinate judiciary, of India can be greatly benefited. Let us hope, that judges and lawyers in India would avail these exclusive and specialised courses and trainings of PTLB as soon as possible.

Further, judges, lawyers and police officers can also get a copy of the first and exclusive techno legal cyber crime investigation manual of India. The manual is in the final phase of preparation and it may be available to governmental departments and general public after few months.