Sunday 20 March 2011

What Ails Indian Cyber Security

Indian cyber security is suffering from many defects. From lack of a cyber security policy to absence of effective and robust legal framework, nothing is right for Indian cyber security.

Further, cyber security research and development is also not upto the mark. With a single techno legal cyber security research and training centre in India by PTLB, this fact is self explaining.

India has been facing increasing cyber attacks upon its critical infrastructures and strategic computer systems. Further, cyber attacks have now spread to private networks as well as more and more computers are now used by them.

Cyber security is very important to protect businesses, governments and general public at large. The same must be a part of the national cyber security policy of India. Unfortunately, cyber security in India is an ignored world. There are many factors that are ailing cyber security in India. In the Indian context, we have a very weak cyber law, negligible cyber security and cyber forensics and almost missing legal enablement of ICT systems.

In fact legal enablement of ICT in India is in doldrums. The already weak cyber law of India has further been degraded by the recent amendment through Information Technology Act, 2008.

The position is even worst when it comes to wireless security in India. Wireless security has become a headache due to its misuse by terrorists in India.

A weak cyber security policy in India is also resulting in increased cyber terrorism activities in India. We have to device methods to tackle cyber terrorism in India.

Cyber law of India is incorporated in the Information Technology Act 2000. The same has to be suitably amended to keep itself updated of the contemporary needs.

Another crucial aspect related to a secure and strong cyber security in India pertains to critical ICT infrastructure protection in India. Critical infrastructure is becoming increasingly dependent upon ICT these days. If we are unable to secure an ICT system we are also risking critical ICT infrastructure as well.

India must address these issues as soon as possible in the largest interests of all concerned.