Friday 18 March 2011

Cyber Crime Investigation In India

Cyber crimes have increased significantly in India. This is partly due to the growing use of information technology in India and partly due to lack of cyber skills among our law enforcement agencies. Even today, police officers in India find it really difficult to understand and apply the cyber law of India.

There is no ready reference for cyber crime investigation in India. Recently, Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB), the techno legal segment of exclusive techno legal firm of India Perry4Law, informed that a cyber crime investigation manual for various stakeholders of India would be available very soon.

This is the exclusive techno legal cyber crime investigation manual of India. The manual is in the final phase of preparation and it may be available to governmental departments and general public after few months. You may also download the first cyber crime investigation manual of India if an electronic version of the same is also released by Perry4Law and PTLB.

Police in India urgently needs good techno legal trainings in the fields like cyber law, cyber forensics, digital evidencing, etc. PTLB has been providing techno legal trainings to police officers for long and the cyber crime investigation manual is a part of this initiative.

To improve the cyber crimes investigation skills of police officers of India as well as to help in the successful prosecution and punishment of the cyber criminals, Perry4Law and PTLB are also imparting exclusive online techno legal trainings in the fields like cyber law, cyber forensics, digital evidencing and much such other training.

With these pro active initiatives, cyber crime investigation and prosecution would be successful in India to a great extent.