Tuesday 29 March 2011

Cyber Terrorism Against India

Cyber terrorism in India has been in discussion these days. The initial response of India towards cyber terrorism was not very encouraging. Even today cyber terrorism is not taken very seriously by India.

India is facing severe cyber attacks and it is no more possible to ignore the threats of cyber attacks. Cyber terrorism in India and its preparedness are still not upto the mark. Despite what India claims, we are still not ready to meet the challenges of cyber terrorism.

Some security experts doubt the very existence of cyber terrorism. However, Cyber Terrorism is a “Consequence” rather than a “Nomenclature” says Praveen Dalal, managing partner of India’s exclusive techno legal firm Perry4Law. Irrespective of what we call the process of this form of Cyber Attack, we must be prepared to deal with the “Adverse Consequences” of the same, suggests Dalal.

Cyber terrorism is becoming a big nuisance for India and India has to be technologically as well as legally sound to tackle the menace of cyber terrorism. There is an emergent need to amend the cyber law of India, i.e. Information Technology Act, 2000 (IT Act, 2000) in this regard as a single provision is not sufficient as per the cyber law experts.

Indian crisis management plan for cyber attacks and cyber terrorism is also required to be effectively implemented. Merely claming that India has a crisis management plan to deal with cyber terrorism is not enough. India’s preparedness against cyber terrorism must be robust and effective.

To start with, India must enact a good cyber security policy. Cyber threats like cyber terrorism, cyber war, etc are increasing against India in the absence of national cyber security policy say Dalal. Even the critical infrastructure protection in India is not possible in the absence of such cyber security policy, informs Dalal.

Securing national critical national infrastructure of India from cyber attacks is responsibility of India government. The same is not accepted by Indian government till now. Even statements made in the Parliament of India by India government do not show any preparedness in this regard except of basic level. Time has come to take cyber attacks and cyber terrorism against India seriously.