Thursday 18 October 2012

Indian Cyber Security Research Centre

Cyber security research plays an important role in strengthening cyber security of any organisation and nation. Cyber security being a continuous process, we need to continuous adapt and improvise our cyber security initiatives and efforts.

The need for cyber security research centre of India was imminent. Thanks to the efforts of private players, Indian cyber security research centre is no more a fiction. The exclusive techno legal cyber security research centre of India has already been functioning in India for long.

The present cyber security environment of India needs effective skills development to deal with growing cyber threats against India. There are numerous vexing cyber security issues in India that requires attention at the highest level. Further, cyber security laws in India and cyber security policy of India must also be formulated.

Cyber security issues and problems of India require techno legal solutions as neither technical nor legal solution in itself is sufficient. Further, participation of private players is also needed to strengthen cyber security of India as managing India’s cyber security problems, issues and challenges cannot be left for the Indian government alone to tackle.

A special attention must be given to critical infrastructure protection of India. Recently Indian government proposed establishment of national critical information infrastructure protection centre (NCIPC) of India that can help in protecting critical infrastructure of India.

In these circumstances the initiatives and efforts of Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) are really praiseworthy. PTLB has established the exclusive techno legal cyber security research and development centre of India. This cyber security centre is the first of its kind in India and world wide.

The cyber security centre is a good blend of legal and technical capabilities of PTLB that makes it unique and very effective. Through its skills development and training initiatives, it would ensure offensive and defensive cyber security capabilities for India and other nations. Let us hope that this cyber security centre of PTLB would be an integral part of all cyber security initiatives of Indian government.