Sunday 15 July 2012

Legal Services In India Under Metamorphism

Legal services and practice in India is passing through a stage of metamorphism. The legal services in India are still not open to foreign lawyers due to absence of mutual understanding in this regard with various jurisdictions.

This also is logical as when Indian lawyers are not permitted to practice in foreign jurisdictions there is no sense in allowing foreign lawyers to practice in India as well.

The terms legal services has been interpreted very broadly by higher courts of India. Now even the apex court of India has declared that legal service include both litigation based as well as non litigation based services. This virtually covers all the legal services in India and any person, organisation, foreign law firm, CAs, CS, etc who are not enrolled with the concerned bar council and actually practicing law would be engaging in illegal activity.

This would definitely benefit local players and Indian LPO service providers like Perry4Law who would play a more pro active role in the LPO/KPO segment of India.

In similar parallel development, legal fraternity of India is getting serious but legal education is getting worst. While the respective bar councils are playing a good role in the development of legal education and legal standards in India yet higher legal education in India is still suffering from corruption and bad educational standards.

The coming months would witness numerous actions in this regard and only time would tell whether they would be useful or harmful.