Sunday 29 July 2012

E-Discovery Services In India

Cyber crimes are gripping India hard. Similarly, cyber contraventions in India are also increasing. Many individuals engage in cyber crimes for fun while others indulge in the same due to monetary incentives. With the growing cases of cyber crimes in India, the need of e-discovery services in India is going to increase.

Recently, the Supreme Court of India has restrained foreign law firms, foreign lawyers, non compliant legal process outsourcing (LPO) providers, etc from engaging in legal services of any nature whatsoever. Now only Indian advocates or LPOs consisting of Indian advocates alone can provide legal services.

This restriction equally applies to e-discovery services in India. Thus, only Indian law firms/lawyers and Indian e-discovery LPO/KPOs of India can provide e-discovery services in India. Similarly, legal e-discovery services in India cannot be provided by any person or firm unless it consists of Indian advocates alone.

Perry4Law is the exclusive techno legal e-discovery law firm of India and one of the few in the world. Further, after the injunction by the Supreme Court of India, it is also one of the few who can provide e-discovery services in India in a legal and acceptable manner.

With the directions of the Supreme Court of India, the e-discovery service providers in India would be engaging in illegal activities unless they are performing a purely non legal task. E-discovery in India essentially involves legal issues, evidentiary aspects and compliance with other Indian laws, hence only authorised advocates or Indian law firms/LPOs providers can engage in such services.

Those who are engaged in a legal battle or plan to engage in one in India must engage services of authorised and competent Indian lawyers and law firms alone otherwise their cases may be jeopardised.