Friday 10 June 2011

Why Wordpress Is Censoring Blogs?

It seems our Blog Techno Legal Journalists has been censored by Wordpress for no reasons.

We have been providing critical analysis against authorities and this may be the reason for this censorship.

This episode happened toady and we have lodged a protest with Wordpress. We would come up with a more detailed post in this regard very soon.

However, the way Wordpress is censoring Blogs unilaterally and without any notice or intimation is strangulation of free speech and expression, to say the least.

We never received any e-mail from Wordpress till the posting of this article.

This is really frustrating as months of hard work and tons of posts are gone for no reason.

We hope Wordpress would restore the same as soon as possible as it should not be against exercise of civil liberties like right to speech and expression.