Sunday 12 June 2011

Blogspot Blogs Are Inaccessible Again

Blogs hosted upon Blogspot platform are inaccessible in New Delhi, India once more. Surprisingly although I can log in yet I cannot see the Blogs.

As you can read this post, it is clear that even posting is allowed. Now it would be interesting to know whether you can view this post from India through an Indian internet service provider’s (ISP) connection.

If you can access the same through an Indian ISP, kindly leave a comment. Even if you cannot access the post, kindly leave a comment.

Many of you may not be aware that Wordpress has recently censored our platform named Techno Legal Journalist.

Further, Wordpress has also disabled the accounts of all our contributors at the Techno Legal News and Views platform as well.

Meanwhile, the indexing of our Blogs at Blogspot has been messed up to a great extent. Out posts used to be indexed almost instantaneously. Now they appear after a gap of 2-3 days.

Now we cannot see the Blogs of Blogspot at all. We are trying to ascertain what is happening. But one thing is for sure. Either it is a technical problem or a case of censorship by Indian government.

Only Google can answer this question as Wordpress’s behaviour has already cleared the air in this regard. If Google doe not explains this issue soon, it would be clear that it is a case of censorship.

Update 13-06-2011: Blogspot Blogs are once more not opening at 4.20 PM, Monday, June 2011.