Wednesday 11 June 2014

Aadhaar Must Be Scrapped Immediately Opines Praveen Dalal

Some believe that an Aadhaar card is a useful identification document while others abhor it. Whatever the case may be but the Aadhaar project was never implemented in a legal and constitutional manner. From the very inception, Aadhaar project was an illegal and unconstitutional project. However, Indian government was well committed to continue with this project despite many protests and warnings.

One of the early, stern and incessant opposers of the Aadhaar project is Praveen Dalal who was the first one to demand for scrapping of Aadhaar project. Dalal claimed that the UIDAI must not use public funds till provisions regarding the same are incorporated in the law to be formulated by Parliament of India. He also maintained that Aadhaar project must be scrapped till a constitutional law supporting the project is in place as it is a fraud against the constitution.

Surprisingly our political parties did not find it offensive and they kept mum on this issue. This helped the Congress government to continue with the illegal and unconstitutional Aadhar project.

According to Dalal, “The Aadhaar Project is the most “Obnoxious” and “Evil” Project that Indian Government has been pursuing till now. In my personal opinion, the very foundation of Aadhaar Project is based upon “Lies and Deception” and this Project should have been “Scrapped” long before. However, the previous Government not only deliberately kept this “Illegal and Unconstitutional Project” alive but also wasted crore of “Hard Earned Public Money” on a Project that is clearly Illegal and Unconstitutional. Narendra Modi “Must Scrap Aadhaar Project” as well along with the Cabinet Committee on UIDAI, recommends Dalal.

Fortunately, the Constitutional Validity of Aadhaar Project has been questioned in the High Courts and Supreme Court of India. The Supreme Court has even held that Aadhaar Card/Number cannot be made mandatory for availing public services in India. The Supreme Court has also prohibited UIDAI from sharing biometric data with Indian Government Agencies without data owner’s consent. Even a Parliamentary Committed rejected the proposed National Identification Authority of India Bill 2010 finding it “Inadequate and Unsuitable”, informs Dalal.

It is high time for Modi government to scrap Aadhaar project as much public resources and money have already been wasted upon this useless project.