Wednesday 5 September 2012

Radia Tapes News Censorship Updates-06-09-2012

The news article titled Radia Tapes, Ratan Tata’s Privacy, Fundamental Rights and Public Interest was censored by Google on 05-09-2012 and till 06-09-2012 it is still censored.

There was nothing wrong with the article and this censorship is a direct attack upon our freedom of speech and expression and right to known and share.

In this post we have consolidated all the posts covering this issue at a single place so that this article can be circulated to maximum number of civil liberty protection groups. This act of censorship by Google is a gross civil liberty violation and we must enforce our civil liberties protection in cyberspace.

The relevant posts in this regard are:

(4) Google and Indian Government Censoring Radia Tapes News

Indian government is actively denying human rights protection in India. Right to share information upon Internet in a free and fair manner is our human right and we wish to exercise it to the fullest possible extent.