Wednesday 20 April 2011

Knowledge Process Outsourcing In India

Till now the terms legal process outsourcing in India (LPO in India) and knowledge process outsourcing in India (KPO in India) are very clear for Indian legal, para legal and allied service providers. LPO and KPO services of India are used by both national and international companies, firms and organisations to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

LPO and KPO in India are witnessing a tremendous growth. Indian LPO and KPO service providers are extending their services to foreign law firms in multi billion dollars cases. Even high profile cases are often referred to India for preliminary research and case briefing.

While these areas are well known there are many areas that are still unexplored by Indian LPO and KPO services providers. This is more so regarding KPO services as they require domain specific and highly specialised acumen. One such are pertains to techno legal and technology related KPO.

The leading LPO and KPO service provider in India Perry4Law has taken LPO and KPO to the next level of outsourcing revolution. Perry4Law is the best Techno-Legal LPO and KPO Service Provider of the World. It has domain specific and highly specialised techno-legal LPO and KPO expertise that others are struggling even to understand. Till now only global leaders like Perry4Law alone is providing techno-legal LPO/KPO services in India. This may be so because techno-legal LPO and KPO requires domain specific and highly specialised knowledge about both technology and law that very few can possess.

For instance, if an assignment pertaining to cyber forensics or cyber security is forwarded to India, there are very few firms like Perry4Law that can manage the same. Similarly, issues like e-discovery in India are also managed by law firms like Perry4Law alone.

These techno legal KPO services of Perry4Law are provided by world renowned techno legal segment of Perry4Law known as Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB). The existing LPO and KPO firms and organisation must upgrade their work structure and manpower to meet this future requirement. To consolidate the LPO and KPO related information of Perry4Law and PTLB, a Blog has been created by them.

Another point that must be kept in mind by the LPO and KPO providers in India is that they may also face stiff competition from other Asian countries. In order to remain the World leader and first place for LPO and KPO business, Indian LPO and KPO providers must also enhance their research skills.

KPO is a very different game and the same must not be considered as mere extension of LPO. KPO requires domain specific and highly specialised services that cannot be managed in the absence of adequate talent and expertise. Realising this fact PTLB has started techno-legal training for law graduates, lawyers, etc. Similarly, Perry4Law Techno-Legal ICT Training Centre (PTLITC) would provide higher level techno-legal training to all stakeholders.

LPO and KPO services in India are going to stay but how long and up to what extent depends upon the LPO/KPO service providers of India. Further, with the use of information and communication technology, newer frontiers of LPO and KPO may be seen in future. LPO and KPO providers of India must be well prepared to not only meet the future challenges but also to encash future opportunities. KPO has a lot to offer to India only if the KPO providers of India are able to grasp the same.