Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Google Artificial And Unnatural Links Strategy

Google has been sending warning notifications to webmasters/owners of websites and blogs that are receiving back links from other websites in a manner that is not in compliance with Google’s webmaster Guidelines.

In the past many website owners have reported that Google has sent them warning notifications about artificial or unnatural links pointing towards their websites/blogs. This is not an ordinary and casual warning and its satisfactory and appropriate resolution is of utmost importance for website owners. Otherwise they may cease to enjoy the benefits of Google’s services especially search engine placements and other search placements.

Many of you may have wondered why your websites are performing poorly despite providing original, timely and genuine contents. This is because spam blogs are picking up your contents and are linking back to your websites and Google treats it as a negative act on your part as it is your website that is gaining PageRank and other ranks.

This exercise may also be a negative SEO technique adopted by your competitor to make your website and business suffer penalties through Google. There is no question of treating such activities lightly as it may affect your business interest in the long run.

Acting immediately against the culprits is the best option. The more you linger the worst would be the situation. Ultimately, a point would come where you have to convince Google to a great length to get back your websites in Google search results.

Either act on your own or hire the services of some good techno legal professionals in this regard if you have received one such notice from Google. If you need techno legal assistance in this regard, you may consult the ICT law firm Perry4Law in this regard. They have first hand and real life and almost real time experience in dealing with these types of cases.