Saturday, 7 April 2012

Legal Rights Objections Under ICANN's New GTLD Program

ICANN is in the process of allotment of new generic top level domain names. Many organisations have applied to ICANN to get the desired GTLD. However, not all applied GTLDs would be allotted to the applicants as there may be many legal issues of new GTLDs applications and registrations that may surface while scrutinising the applications.

For instance, legal rights objections under ICANN's new GTLD domain registration program would arise as many trademark, tradename and intellectual property rights (IPRs) owners would file the same. There is a good possibility that such disputes would arise and ICANN has already made necessary arrangements in this regard.

The independent objector and legal rights objections for ICANN’s new GTLDs are two such important conflict resolution initiatives suggested by ICANN. Even private players have established platforms that could be used for resolving the disputes arising out of new GTLDs applications and registrations.

Legal rights objection assistance for new GTLDs by Perry4Law has also been offered. If fact, a dedicated platform known as “online arbitration” has been launched by Perry4Law Organisation to resolve domain name, new GTLDs, cyber squatting and other similar disputes.

New GTLDs, ICANN and domain names disputes resolutions is essentially techno legal in nature. Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) is managing the exclusive techno legal online dispute resolution services in India and world wide. Perhaps, even ICANN can use the techno legal services of Perry4Law and PTLB for resolving its domain name disputes in general and new GTLDs disputes in particular.